Sunday, 7 October 2007

A new site for selling...

Although a very strong advocate of Etsy I have found another selling site which might be of interest to you too. This is called Dawanda. I have just started a shop over there too which you will find at
You are most welcome to come on in and browse.

Dawanda is geared mostly towards the European market with items costed in Euros. Again, there is a great variety with a slightly different layout to Etsy. However, as people who know me on Etsy through my avatar of the colourful butterfly, you will find me easily through the same avatar.

Do have a look. As I said, I am more than happy on Etsy but you should never have all your eggs in one basket! Happy hunting!


Cathy said...

I just heard about this iste from someone else on etsy - will have to check it out. best of luck with your new store - your quilts are lovely.

Claire said...

Your quilts are fabulous. Your shop looks great. I have decided to join as I can't join etsy sadly as I don't have a credit card (and don't intend to get one), I have a question about joining DaWanda, when setting up your shop and it askes which payment method you would accept, on the paypal ticky bit it asks for paypal address. What is this? I don't want to sound stupid, but HELP ME!!! I have emailed DaWanda, but they didn't reply yet.

Precious Quilts said...

Hi Claire

The Paypal address is your email address. This is used as your account address - so you have to be registered with Paypal. When you buy through Paypal it is free for your the customer but the seller has to pay a percentage handling fee. However, it is safe and convenient. Hope this info helps and good luck!


Claire said...

Thanks very much Pat. I was a little worried about it being safe as there is no padlock for security. Thanks again. I will definatly be calling back to see your work, I think it is brill... See ya

Sale Corner!

Occasionally I will show items that are for sale from me direct which can be paid for using Paypal. Always check to see shipping charges which will need to be added to the item amount!

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