Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Ultimate Flower Show in UK

Some of you may have heard the name of the Chelsea Flower Show which is held annually at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in London.  The show which is organised by the RHS or Royal Horticultural Society is one of the events to which many travel from all over the world.

Here up to date trends are exhibited featuring the latest and most desirable gardening products whilst creating an explosion of colour and scent.  The immense pressure on the growers and exhibitors culminates in them displaying their plants and blooms at their peak.  Growers appear from all parts of the United Kingdom so travel, storage conditions etc etc are crucial.  The actual show lasts for 5 days every May and is held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea.

Show gardens are created by leading international landscape architects and garden designers.  Imagine walking through these gardens and the inspiration they can give?  New varieties flowers and plants are introduced at this show such as this Clematis Fleuri image by Raymond Everison from Guernsey in the Channel Islands.






A new 'chameleon' heuchera bred in France. In spring the chartreuse-green foliage is striking, but as summer fades the foliage imagetakes on a chocolate hue before turning to frosted verdigris in winter when the veining is most prominent.


Iris Coeur D’Or is a spectacular navy blue and pure white bi-colour as seen in this photograph.







Remember the comedy show on TV called Keeping Up Appearance featuring Mrs Bouquet?  Well, another prominent character  known by his stage name of Onslow had this beautiful An orange-striped sweet pea, christened 'Geoff Hughes' after him. 






Lupins are always associated with a true old fashioned English Cottage Garden and this specimen is very striking!  Named 'Thunder', a moody purple with a yellow fleck.






A soft-pink shrub that can also be used as a climber this Wedgewood Rose is described as having an "almost gossamer-like quality with a lovely fruity fragrance on the outer petals and a clove-like scent at the centre".  This rose celebrates Wedgwood's 250th birthday. 





Now does this photograph of the Girl Guiding Centenary Rose remind you of an artist’s work who belongs to the BBEST team on Etsy?  You know who I mean?  Yes, Zudagay!!

This is the flower image


and …… this is Zuda’s.  No, it isn’t a rose but the quality is similar, don’t you think?image








Well, I could go on and on but as always all good things must come to an end!

Maybe, one day you will be able to visit, if not in person, then via television or just by reading blogs like mine!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A wonderfully unexpected present!

I had been out and on my return home found an official note from the Postman to say he had tried to deliver a package but it was too big to push through our letterbox and so I would have to make arrangements for a later delivery.  This was Friday afternoon before our Bank Holiday weekend.  I thought and thought about whether I had ordered something that I had forgotten about it or what on earth was I due to receive?  I just drew a blank all the time and all through the weekend my mind kept coming back to what it was the Postman had not been able to deliver.

Through the internet I managed to arrange delivery but it wouldn’t be until the following Tuesday!!!  The whole weekend my mind worked overtime!

Then Tuesday arrived and the door bell sounded.  I ran down the stairs, opened the door and smiling acknowledged the Postman!  Amongst the normal mail he passed to me a squarish looking package.  Then I saw the name and address of the sender!  The excitement juices were really working now!!!!

Rushing up to my workroom I picked up my scissors to carefully unwrap this well packaged parcel.  The brown paper came away to offer a box that gave no clue to its contents.  Carefully I opened the box which revealed a beautiful parcel in pink tissue paper tied up with a gold ribbon thread.  My fingers were shaking I was so excited!!!!

Carefully I removed the tissue paper, ribbon and all was revealed!  The most beautiful stained glass ACEO and stand.  I was speechless!P1020907

I won’t go into the story as to why I was the incredibly lucky recipient of this ACEO but suffice to say it made me so happy!  It was ‘Nonnie’ from a group called Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team (or BBEST for short) who had so thoughtfully sent me the ACEO and its very own stand.  She is such a talented artist which I am sure you will agree when you have a look at her shop called  ‘Nonnie’s Treasures’.  And, above all a thoroughly lovely person too!P1020908

THANK YOU, Nonnie!!!




Nonnie specialises in custom and commissioned stained glass.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Walk in the Park

The sun did shine this weekend and I couldn’t resist going for a walk in a park to see what nature could show me! I was not disappointed. There was an amazing tableau of colour presenting itself to us all as we strolled along the paths.

bluebells and others along the path Bluebells and magnolia P1020902

close up bloom White rhodadenrons P1020905

Apart from the breathtaking flora I had to say, ‘hallo’ to my friend the duck who was napping!

Afternoon siesta for this duck

Then we strolled by a nearby lake and look what we found!!! Millions of tadpoles…


If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will be able to make out the black dots with the wiggly tails.

Even the water lilies are trying to open their petals.


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