Thursday, 28 June 2007

Joined another blog!!!!

Well, after looking at other blogs I decided, if you can't beat them... join them:)

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Remember... Christmas is not very far away! Imagine giving that bespoke gift that cannot be bought in a shop - there just will not be another like it!

For those of you with daughters ....

I love these poems and just wanted to share. It brought a little tear to the eye as I read this and thought of my own daughter, now a woman, and my grand daughter who is just over a year old.

A Tribute to all Daughters

Every home should have a daughter,
For there’s nothing like a girl
To keep the world around her
In one continuous whirl…
From the moment she arrives on earth,
And on through womanhood,
A daughter is a female
Who is seldom understood…
One minute she is laughing
The next she starts to cry,
Man just can’t understand her
And there’s just no use to try…
She is soft and sweet and cuddly,
But she’s also wise and smart,
She’s a wondrous combination
Of a mind and a brain and heart…
And even in her baby days
She’s just a born coquette,
And anything she really wants
She manages to get…
For even at a tender age
She uses all her wiles
And she can melt the hardest heart
With the sunshine of her smiles
She starts out as a rosebud
With her beauty unrevealed
Then through a happy childhood
Her petals are unsealed…
She’s soon a sweet girl graduate,
And then a blushing bride,
And then a lovely woman
As the rosebud opens wide…
And some day in the future,
If it be God’s precious will,
She, too, will be a Mother
And know that reverent thrill
That comes to every Mother
Whose heart is filled with love
When she beholds the ‘angel’
That God sent her from above…
And there would be no life at all
In this world or the other
Without a darling daughter
Who, in turn, becomes a mother!

Courtesy of Helen Steiner Rice

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The garden is WET..........

Oh my, I know people outside of UK often say 'it always rains in England' - this I totally disagreed with ..... until the last few days. Goodness, the rain! We live in the South East and have not had the trauma that others have had in other parts of the country.

Just follow this link and you will see what I am on about!

Woke up today to a sort of normal day weatherwise. Actually saw the sun and decided to do some washing - should be able to put it out on the line.

Off to do something useful now. Maybe create a masterpiece, or maybe another quilt!!

Monday, 25 June 2007

New avatar!

I have changed my avatar again! I have tried for so long to find one that is pretty and delicate! So, I decided to change my previous one which showed a doll's patchwork quilt and matching pillow which I was told looked 'homey'! Mmmmmm.......

Then, came a flash of inspiration! A butterfly is a precious and beautiful insect which is also so very delicate..... what could be better and more me.... really? He He He.

Anyway, the butterfly is now officially my new avatar which can be seen on as well as under my ID on of 'eireblue'. All I have to do now is sort out my business cards and we are well on the way to promoting a business image that can be related to!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ascot Gold Cup...

Well, I was really busy partaking in my favourite household task.... ironing (I really do not think so!). To make the time seem less painful I thought I would switch on the TV and see what entertainment could be watched to move the iron more smoothly.

AAAAAaaaaah Hhhhhhaaaaa horse racing... today is a very special and important day in the calendar of horse racing in UK. Called Ascot, it is a wonderful race course in the county of Berkshire.

Today, is Ladies Day when everybody has to dress up. Men in morning suits with top hats and ladies have all their finery on including the obligatory hat. It is the most wonderful fashion show with everyone trying to outdo the other - the colours, styles, incredible. Also, today the Queen of England attends, herself a keen horsewoman who loves horse racing!

Anyway, as I watched whilst trying to iron that seam straight, I realised it was the Gold Cup - a very big race over 2.5 miles. Plenty of horses running. Last year's horse called Yeats won and was top favourite again this year. Yes, she thought to herself..... bid, I mean bet!!!

OK, on to the computer to do this.... what do you do, how do you do it, etc etc!!!!!!!!! Before you know it, too late..... and you know what? I would have bet on the top favourite and won mega bucks.

Oh well, now the ironing is finished and I shall go back to Etsy after completing this blog to share my misery with you all!!!!

Until the next eventful time:)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A trip to France....

Well, yesterday, my hubby and I decided to get up at 2.30 AM, left the house at 3.15 AM - yes, that is right, AM!!!! Why? We wanted to go to France for a quick shopping trip. Catching a ferry at 5.30 AM allowed us to arrive in Calais at around 7 AM which in French time was 8 AM seeing as they are one hour ahead of us. Buy some fuel for the car (very cost effective), park up and the doors of Cite Europe near the Channel Tunnel were opening. The only shop trading was Tesco which has an outlet at one end of the mall, purely for booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiccccc!

After doing a couple of trolley loads to the car and back we went to Carrefour which is a large department store at the other end of the mall. Incidentally, there are loads of small French shops (would be in France!) plus a delightful food court with proper restaurants offering every manner of French cuisine. Anyway, we digress. I wanted a new pan, you know the one which is dishwasher safe, you don't need any fat/oil to cook with etc? Found one at a reasonable price and shape and size I wanted.

Then on to the food counters..... cheese, cold meats, raw meats (their beef and pork is lovely to cook)as well as the fresh fish counter! I have two cool bags in the car so food will keep fresher on the return journey. Also, picked up some beautifully fresh smelling strawberries and red currants. Then on to the jars and tins section to pick up various sauces etc.

Just about done now. Just need to pick up something to eat on the boat on our return journey. Yes, soft baguettes with tuna, hard boiled egg, tomato for me and ham, egg and tomato for hubby! A small bag of crisps each and a fresh salad - coke to be bought on board - what a feast :)

We had an uneventful trip, listened to a bunch of bikers who had just travelled over 1000 miles during which time one had experienced a nasty accident but was well on the road to recovery; group of French school children sat in the far corner of the eating area - well behaved!

Passed through customs who did not seem interested at all, drove home without a glitch to arrive around 1.45 PM, unloaded the car.... just like opening presents at Christmas time!

Last night we celebrated a successful journey with a beautiful French bought steak and rocqfort cheese, jacket potato and fresh lettuce and tomato from France. To toast ourselves a bottle of red - this is the life!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Quilts completed and sold recently

I have sold the small quilt on the left recently and just wanted to share.... also, it could give you ideas? The size is ideal for a bassinet, moses basket, car seat or stroller. Imagine giving this at a baby shower - there won't be another like it!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Muscat, Oman

I don't know if many of you have heard of a small country in the Middle East called Oman? Well, I lived there for a few years in the early 1980's. It has to be the most beautiful land, sea contrasting with the mountains. Historically Oman is so rich and the people are lovely and genuine.

The reason I want to bring this country to your attention is that they suffered a major weather storm, cyclone, within the last few days when around 20 people were reported to have died. I remember in 1981 when they had the last serious one. The whole place was in chaos.

The airport was closed, dried up rivers flooded the surrounding countryside. A pilot in an aircraft overflying the airport was advised to watch out for cars being swept out to sea!

Luckily were we lived in Medinat Qaboos we were spared the worst. In fact I remember the house below us had all the mud from our garden flow into their back yard and into their kitchen...mmmmmmm.

A Sale!

I am so excited!!!! I made a sale yesterday - it was a small tote bag. It really is amazing the buzz you get from selling something because you have to feel that someone out their recognises a craft and wants a part of it. My story and I am sticking to it!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

The sun is shining again!

After all the rain we have been having the sun is out again, hip hip hurray!

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