Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Vintage quilt from 1980s

Another quilt that I wanted to share with you.

In the 1980s I made (HAND made) this entire quilt hand sewing between 700-800 hexagons together into that time honoured patchwork pattern called Grandmother's Garden. I used Liberty fabrics in blue, pink and green. Once all the hexagons had been sewn I hand quilted all the hexagon flowers along with some of the green hexagons and then a border. Even the pink edging of the quilt is totally hand sewn.

I then gave this to my mother in law who sadly passed away recently at the grand old age of 90 years.

To be honest I would only keep it in its own dustbag in the cupboard which would be a crying shame so my husband and I decided that it would be better to sell it to someone who, hopefully, would fully appreciate it. The money we received for it would go towards a garden bench which we need. This would really remind us of her and would be constantly used (weather permitting). Otherwise this quilt would sit in the wardrobe and then when it was our time to go the kids would likely so the same which would be a shame!

I have it on Ebay under the user ID of 'eireblue' starting at a low amount. Let's see what it will go for! Will keep you updated. I don't expect much as it was well used and loved but you never know.

Monday, 30 July 2007

I wanted to share with you...

Hi, the sun is out and the world is a different place when it is!

Today I thought I would share with you a quilt I made for our eldest son's wedding day. I love the idea of giving a quilt to a newly married couple at the start of their life together, a symbol of their future life together apart from the practical side of having something to cover the bed!

I thought long and hard and finally decided to use the pattern Turning 20FQs - the fabric I bought through one of my favourite shops in US called Sew Shabby Shoppe - they have a beautiful range of fabrics to die for!

I used 4oz 100% polyester so that the quilt could be easily washed and cared for as well as it not being too heavy.

To join the three layers together I tie quilted it with a pale cream mercer's cotton.

On the reverse I embroidered a label to commemorate their special day and give meaning to the quilt when they look at it and remember.

After completing the quilt I did have a few strips of fabric left over which I then put together into this small bassinet quilt which was trimmed with lace.... waste not, want not!!

So, now I am in the process of completing another quilt for our number two son who is getting married in Australia.... I will update you on this quilt in the next few weeks!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Every day in every way - you learn a bit more!

Well, today I learnt how to open an account on http://photobucket.com/ - it could not have been easier! I was directed there by a very kind administator on the Etsy Boomer site. What I wanted to do was to include a photograph from my computer but did not quite know how to. Simple (isn't everything when you know how?), it talks you through the process with cues about what to do next and hey presto! You have to upload the photo from your computer and the result is......One photo!

I shall now have to practise.

What have you learnt today? Can you imagine... none of this would have been possible without the internet/computers etc. Marvellous:)

Monday, 23 July 2007

Etsy Boomers!

I am so excited.... there is a new Street Team from the Etsy crowd which is devoted to those who are 40+. Do check it out and join.. we are all in the process of voting for the official Team name. For the moment just log into http://etsyoldies.proboards60.com and you will see what I mean.

The wonderful thing is that you don't have to be computer savvy because there are people to help you along the way and if you do not know the answer, well just drop a line in the relevant box and someone will come back to you.

I think this is going to be a super group because there are many of us (40+) who might be a little shy but just need that gentle nudge to go for it and find a whole new world opening up to us.

See you all there!!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Post your comments about any featured artist/craftsperson here....

Do feel free to comment on the featured artist/craftsperson and I will make sure it is forwarded to the individual concerned.

I am sure you will agree that it is always so helpful to receive any comments and ideas from an outside source. Sometimes this is better because the person is not directly involved and is able to look at the products and shop in the cold light of day, if you know what I mean:)

Anyway, all those that I feature will be people I have come across in Etsy whose work I take great delight in and want to promote!

Thursday, 19 July 2007


Do you find that whilst surfing the www you start by searching for a specific subject/item but then notice another site on the internet? I get distracted so easily!!

Found some wonderful crochet sites lately and I will link them in soon. I have requested to join the crochet blog ring because there you can see some beautiful items made by very talented people. Should give plenty of inspiration.

Although, my first love is quilting, I do love crochet. You can take a hook and some yarn almost anywhere to fill those precious moments. I love to crochet my blankets propped up on the sofa watching my favourite TV programme. Don't feel as if I am wasting any time just loafing around but am pretty productive!

Also, I have a long journey from UK to Australia coming up at the end of the year as those who keep up with my blog will remember. A whole 23 odd hours.... Gatwick to Dubai and then on to Sydney. Stay around 3 weeks for the wonderful wedding and see a bit of the country before flying all the way back via Bangkok, Dubai and, at last, home! The body clock will be all over the place. However, taking my hooks and some yarn I should be able to make an afghan which would be an added bonus!

There you go, an example of getting distracted from the original post subject, told you! There is just so much information on the internet!

Well, must away to do some of the more mundane jobs around the house and shopping. See you soon again!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

A whole week has passed?

Oh my, time is just slipping by and I find another week has passed!

We are still having incredibly unsettled weather for the month of July with so much rain, thunder storms, hail (yes, hail) and tornados - by the way, it is summer. I gather that looking at the news today, Arizona has a massive sand storm. Looks so scary - hope all you guys out there will be OK?

What has happened to me this last week? Well, on Sunday our first grand daugher was christened. She is just over a year old and was so good to last the whole hour and a half. We, adults, were just shuffling around all the time, it was hot, sticky in church and we did not even know all the hymns! As soon as one came along we all knew you could hear a ripple through the audience! And, when the vicar announced we were now going to sing the final hymn - I never saw so many thumbs go up:)

Seriously, though, it does seem ashame that nowadays it is all about cost. What should have happened was a small family affair around the font lasting no more than about half an hour BUT you have to pay extra for that!

Also, I do not understand why parents who are not religious at all insist on going through this charade! By all means when you know the meaning or if parents regularly go to church but when nobody visits from one day to the next????? One comment was overheard..... next time we will be here will be when she gets married!

Oh to be so cynical or is it realistic?

On another note, I sold quite a few items on Ebay this week - mostly tote bags - now I must away and concentrate on some quilts to sell on Ebay and Etsy.

In case I do not manage to get here for another week...... have a good one!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

To Ebay or not to Ebay... that is the question!

I have been selling quite successfully on Ebay for a number of years. Also, I have been very fortunate to acquire a following which has lead to a number of repeat sales or custom sales which I really enjoyed making. It is fun when someone has an idea or has seen something of mine but wants it in a different colour so that we can chat about how they want their bespoke item to look.

Some of the comments have been great and allow others to read and so give a little insight to whether they would be happy bidding on one of my products. People even take the time to send me a separate email to say thank you - now that is really rewarding.

Etsy, where quality handmade goods are sold, has been slower for me. Reason being that Ebay is so well established and an obvious place to look for anything. Etsy is still relatively unknown - a very new site but has thousands of sellers and buyers who have discovered a wonderfully, friendly place to shop.

A different ethos here. You have to market, promote like mad unlike Ebay where you start a price and sit back. People find you. On Etsy you have to actively look for people and that is very time consuming. However, the community on Etsy which is global, is so friendly and helpful it is a pleasure just being there. One day, I hope to do as well there but in the meantime Ebay will compliment my selling style with Etsy.

So, in answer to my question...... I will stay with both and see how things progress. I would be interested in your views and experiences on this topic so do leave a comment for me and others to see. Thank you:)

Friday, 6 July 2007


Ooooooh so excited! Our number two son is getting married in November to a charming Australian girl he met over here in UK. She comes from Sydney and guess what? The wedding is to take place in Sydney in November.

My husband and I are now booked on Emirates, daughter and her partner will be going along as well as his brother although his wife and daughter will be staying in UK. Also, our other son and partner won't be going as they are saving up hard for their own wedding next year.... it's all go! Both couples were engaged over this last Christmas so a few bottles of champagne were consumed.

It is all so exciting!!!!! We have already met the future 'in-laws' and they are lovely people.

We have never been to Australia so if you have any comments/advice shoot away! We thought we might go up into the Blue Mountains for a change, maybe stay about a week there and then go visit for awhile. We plan on spending around 3 weeks in Oz.

Only baggage allowance is 20 kgs per person - mmmmm...... shopping? We shall have to see! When we return I will post some pictures, if I can! So watch this space...

Monday, 2 July 2007

ETSY - the site to visit for all quality handmade products

A lot has been said in various places about Etsy.... I sell and buy on Etsy. It is a fabulous site to find all sorts of quality handmade items which are totally unique. You won't find anything like it in your ordinary high street store or mall.

In addition, you will find the Etsy community so friendly, helpful and kind. Also, it is a truly global group. Just think of the forthcoming holiday seasons... need new ideas for gifts? Then look no further:) First, at my site, of course!!!!!! Seriously, please do take a stroll around, I am sure you will find something of note.

Imagine, doing all your Christmas shopping there - nobody will realise where you have bought your items because they will really be OOAK.

Good luck!

Thank goodness we are safe for another day..

Well, the events as they unfolded in UK sent a chill through all our hearts.

First the two car bombs that were discovered and defused in London. The carnage that would have ensued had they been left undiscovered does not bear thinking about.

Second, Glasgow airport. One of the busiest weekends of the year because the Scottish children had just broken up from school so families were travelling out.

At least all the individuals captured by the police appear not to have been born in UK and all of middle eastern origins.

A phrase I learnt a long time ago.... let YOUR God go with you.... why does everyone have to adhere to other peoples' rules? We all have our beliefs but they are ours, aren't they? Have I lost the plot in the telling?

Stay safe and vigilant. Life has to go on as normally as possible.

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