Thursday, 19 July 2007


Do you find that whilst surfing the www you start by searching for a specific subject/item but then notice another site on the internet? I get distracted so easily!!

Found some wonderful crochet sites lately and I will link them in soon. I have requested to join the crochet blog ring because there you can see some beautiful items made by very talented people. Should give plenty of inspiration.

Although, my first love is quilting, I do love crochet. You can take a hook and some yarn almost anywhere to fill those precious moments. I love to crochet my blankets propped up on the sofa watching my favourite TV programme. Don't feel as if I am wasting any time just loafing around but am pretty productive!

Also, I have a long journey from UK to Australia coming up at the end of the year as those who keep up with my blog will remember. A whole 23 odd hours.... Gatwick to Dubai and then on to Sydney. Stay around 3 weeks for the wonderful wedding and see a bit of the country before flying all the way back via Bangkok, Dubai and, at last, home! The body clock will be all over the place. However, taking my hooks and some yarn I should be able to make an afghan which would be an added bonus!

There you go, an example of getting distracted from the original post subject, told you! There is just so much information on the internet!

Well, must away to do some of the more mundane jobs around the house and shopping. See you soon again!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Have you ever tried It tracks what type of site you like and dislike and once it gets an idea of your likes, each time you click the "stumble" button, it takes you to a site that similar to your likes. lol, I hope that made sense. :)

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