Tuesday, 17 July 2007

A whole week has passed?

Oh my, time is just slipping by and I find another week has passed!

We are still having incredibly unsettled weather for the month of July with so much rain, thunder storms, hail (yes, hail) and tornados - by the way, it is summer. I gather that looking at the news today, Arizona has a massive sand storm. Looks so scary - hope all you guys out there will be OK?

What has happened to me this last week? Well, on Sunday our first grand daugher was christened. She is just over a year old and was so good to last the whole hour and a half. We, adults, were just shuffling around all the time, it was hot, sticky in church and we did not even know all the hymns! As soon as one came along we all knew you could hear a ripple through the audience! And, when the vicar announced we were now going to sing the final hymn - I never saw so many thumbs go up:)

Seriously, though, it does seem ashame that nowadays it is all about cost. What should have happened was a small family affair around the font lasting no more than about half an hour BUT you have to pay extra for that!

Also, I do not understand why parents who are not religious at all insist on going through this charade! By all means when you know the meaning or if parents regularly go to church but when nobody visits from one day to the next????? One comment was overheard..... next time we will be here will be when she gets married!

Oh to be so cynical or is it realistic?

On another note, I sold quite a few items on Ebay this week - mostly tote bags - now I must away and concentrate on some quilts to sell on Ebay and Etsy.

In case I do not manage to get here for another week...... have a good one!

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Georganne said...

Very impressive quilts, my dear! And your blog is not plain, I like that it's not so "busy" that you can't focus on anything, kwim?
Thanks for checking out my blog!

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