Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Continuing the new venture....

Well, I have really got the bit between the teeth now!!

I thought about it and then decided to share information and a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding; the dish to serve with roast beef. However, did you know that in English pubs you can get a large Yorkshire pudding in which a load of chili beef/chili con carne has been ladled? Or, some cumberland sausages and onion gravy?

Still hungry? Well why not pop along to my shop and check out the Yorkshire pudding recipe which you can download in pdf format - no shipping fee!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A new venture - well sort of!

Every evening when I sign off from an Etsy group I belong to (BBEST which stands for Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team) I always describe what we are going to eat that evening. It has become a sort of signature that folks like to see.

So, thinking cap on and always trying to find new ideas I was struck by a thunderbolt! Ouch!!! Well, it was an idea really that I mulled around my mind for ages trying to think of ways of presenting it. Eventually, I discussed the idea with DH and a good friend - just to bounce the ideas off them! Lots of encouragement so I thought I would go for it!!

The idea was to pick a typically British dish, research its history to find out how it came about or how it was served down the years. Once I had done that, I wanted to write down the recipe... now this was the hard bit! I am the sort of cook who adds a bit of this, a pinch of that etc. Here I would have to discipline myself into thinking like a novice or someone who enjoyed cooking but was clueless about this particular recipe!

After much typing, deleting, restarting - thank goodness for wordprocessing. Used to do this sort of thing with pen and paper, and not a quill pen either before someone adds that quip!

TADA, as good friend would say! Voila my first presentation, my first recipe under the flag of True British Fayre - the humble Cottage pie. Once I was happy with the format, typing, wording and had tweaked it one more time, I transferred the document into a pdf one. Now to list it in my Etsy shop.

Well, within a few moments of listing and letting my friends know about it..... it disappeared off my screen! Oh goodness, what happened? Panic!!!!! Fear not! It was sold! I sent an email with the attached pdf file and quickly relisted....... gone! This time was advised to list the recipe but say there were more copies so that it wouldn't fall of the edge leaving a gap.

I was so excited! The encouragement I received from family and friends alike has been wonderful, thank you!

Now I am going to research more traditional British recipes and list them numerically in the series. It really is so exciting to think of an idea, implement it and then find others are enjoying it to!!!! So, off to the next one, could be a ......................, you'll just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A story of two quilts

A friend of ours was expecting their first baby and not knowing what the 'part number' would be I decided to make one fit for a princess and one for a prince!

My favourite type of fabric is Laura Ashely, especially vintage Laura Ashley. Many years ago in the UK you used to be able to buy packs of ready cut fabric for patchwork. Instead I decided to use some of my huge hoard of fabric from my old collection.

For the princess quilt I used a pink and white patchwork combination with a few random hearts thrown in for good measure. Each corner of the square was hand tied with pink acrylic wool.

Now for the prince quilt I decided to use a yellow with a blue and white patterned combination. To brighten up the patchwork I fused some nursery rhyme characters, again from the Laura Ashley vintage collection. Again, I hand tied the quilt with blue wool.

So when the day dawned and we got the news...... it was a princess quilt that then winged its way to its new owner!

Now I have the prince quilt for sale in my Etsy shop for another prince out there!

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