Thursday, 7 May 2009

A wonderfully unexpected present!

I had been out and on my return home found an official note from the Postman to say he had tried to deliver a package but it was too big to push through our letterbox and so I would have to make arrangements for a later delivery.  This was Friday afternoon before our Bank Holiday weekend.  I thought and thought about whether I had ordered something that I had forgotten about it or what on earth was I due to receive?  I just drew a blank all the time and all through the weekend my mind kept coming back to what it was the Postman had not been able to deliver.

Through the internet I managed to arrange delivery but it wouldn’t be until the following Tuesday!!!  The whole weekend my mind worked overtime!

Then Tuesday arrived and the door bell sounded.  I ran down the stairs, opened the door and smiling acknowledged the Postman!  Amongst the normal mail he passed to me a squarish looking package.  Then I saw the name and address of the sender!  The excitement juices were really working now!!!!

Rushing up to my workroom I picked up my scissors to carefully unwrap this well packaged parcel.  The brown paper came away to offer a box that gave no clue to its contents.  Carefully I opened the box which revealed a beautiful parcel in pink tissue paper tied up with a gold ribbon thread.  My fingers were shaking I was so excited!!!!

Carefully I removed the tissue paper, ribbon and all was revealed!  The most beautiful stained glass ACEO and stand.  I was speechless!P1020907

I won’t go into the story as to why I was the incredibly lucky recipient of this ACEO but suffice to say it made me so happy!  It was ‘Nonnie’ from a group called Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team (or BBEST for short) who had so thoughtfully sent me the ACEO and its very own stand.  She is such a talented artist which I am sure you will agree when you have a look at her shop called  ‘Nonnie’s Treasures’.  And, above all a thoroughly lovely person too!P1020908

THANK YOU, Nonnie!!!




Nonnie specialises in custom and commissioned stained glass.


Sixsisters said...

Pat, you lucky duck ! It is gorgeous

Beth said...

beautiful, Nonnies ACEO's are so lovely. Lucky you.

Chauncey said...

ohhhh how pretty. Nonnie does such beautiful work.

ZudaGay said...

Lucky, lucky you!!! Beautiful and the stand is a little work of art all on it's own. :) Our Nonnie is one of the best of the BBEST!!!

Attack of the Vintage said...

How cool was that to have such a beautiful unexpected gift!!
So pretty!!

Alis said...

How fabulous is that! Lucky lady, I love Nonnie's work.

Rose said...

Beautiful! Indeed you are lucky!

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