Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My swap item for June 08

As many of you know, I belong to the most wonderful group of very talented artists on Etsy called Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team - BBEST for short - well, we do consider ourselves the BBEST!

The month of June approached and so did a new challenge for me! This time in the form of a swap. What we do is submit to the organiser, who in this instance was Alis from She collected all our names and snail mail addresses, jumbled up the names to draw out partners. Now, nobody knew who was sending them their swap; they only knew the person to whom they were sending their swap. This made it all the more interesting because as the group completed their swaps they posted pictures on flickr for us all to see. Now came the fun as we all tried to guess and hope which one would be coming our way!

The subject was 'Summertime' which could be envisaged in all sorts of mediums to suit different individuals. I chose to do an art textile picture. A little out of my box but still great fun to do!

It is such a broad subject that the hardest part was sitting down to think of a theme, idea... anything? Then, it came to me!

I picked up a piece of hessian onto which I could attach, embroider, sew or glue various embellishements.

Summertime, you have to think of flowers, insects, butterflies! Now, to look around to see what I can find in my stash of sewing items.

A couple of Suffolk puffs (fabric yoyos) could be used. I found a couple of vintage buttons which were sewn in the centre of each puff to create the flower. In addition I threaded some beads to make it more interesting. Another couple of vintage buttons which looked like small flowers themselves looked cute with some extra beads sewn in the middle.

Here you can see how stems have been added to the flowers. I used different shades of green felt. Now, what could be they be placed in? I know a vase or pot!

Using a light brown piece of felt I glued this to the hessian. For a trim I used some antique lace and a pretty yellow satin bow.

Butterflies flit around; one at the top of the flower and one sitting by the top of the pot. Extra beads were hand sewn to the spine of the butterfly.

A sprinkling of beads could be some seeds falling from the flowers in the wind were hand sewn to the hessian. All this was attached to canvas board to give a firm support which could then be framed if desired.

If you liked this why not come over to my shop and see if there is anything else that takes your fancy? I also love to create custom products and I am very user friendly!!

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