Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I AM back!!

Well, we flew back from Malaga on Saturday afternoon. Our daughter kindly picked us up from the airport and we caught up with the family gossip, as you do!

One thing though...... once ensconced in the house we discovered the boiler controlling our heating had broken down. This was the coldest day and we had no heat! At least we had the gas fire on in the lounge which was a saviour whilst upstairs we had an electric fan heater. DH posted a request on our local village website for a portable gas fire since we have a gas bottle for the BBQ. Good lateral thinking!

One of our neighbours then contacted us and explained how to nurse the boiler to life! Yay!!! Heat and hot water!! It was not until the next morning, Sunday, that we realised our new shower in the adjoining shower room as not working! No water at all. We left it until a reasonable hour and then contacted the builders who had installed it. Apparently, and here we are getting technical, it was a fuse that had blown. DH, being technically minded, was able to sort that and we now also had a hot shower! Life is good.

Monday we had to be up and about bright and early since our house was to be decked in a woolly jacket. A woolly jacket, I hear you ask? We normally call it cavity wall insulation which works like putting on a woolly jacket! Since the noise was to be horrendous I had the perfect excuse to go shopping until the job was done!

Returned home to a well insulated house.

Now to start to get back to normal. I really want to download all my pictures so that I can blog about our wonderful vacation. So, there you have it!

OOOOh yes, I nearly forgot to tell you! I have now got a new book entitled 'My Encaustics - art in wax' which can be purchased from It would make a great seasonal present for a person interested in art with a twist. Nice to have on your coffee table to show your friends and neighbours. It would also make a great present for that friend or member of your family that you just have not got a clue what to get them, I am always in that sort of position. So, it is always handy to have an extra present in the cupboard to get out of sticky situations!!

Check back soon for further updates!!

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jstinson said...

Glad you have all of your home maintenance problems resolved, return home from vacation safe and sound, and have a new book to market! Life is good.

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