Monday, 6 August 2007

A beautiful weekend

Just had a beautiful weekend! Not only our daughter's birthday but the weather was actual summer! Our last taste of summer was in April!!

Anyway, went round to our daughter's house for a BBQ which was great. After a few glasses of Pimms (hic), lovely food and company we were treated to a visit from our eldest son and his daughter. She is just over a year old and such fun.

So, you see that was a wonderful way to spend Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, Sunday, went to a local Boot Sale. For those of you who are not familiar with the term Boot Sale this means that you load car up with everything you can lay your hands on from around the house that you want to see, drive to the boot sale which is usually a farmer's field where it is all organised with stewards directing the traffic for sellers and buyers.

Sellers are marshalled into the field in an orderly fashion to park nose to tail. Cost £9 for a car. Then you fend off the enthusiasts or traders etc who nose into your car and often are really rude. I have got used to this now, take my time and tell them if they ask for something I might be selling to come back in 20 minutes or so. Soon gets rid!!! So, next we have to put up our tables alongside the car, cover with a cloth (looks so much better and cleaner) and start laying out the goodies in a way it will entice the buyer who then strolls past all the tables. It's a good way to meet some fabulous people, chat, pass the time of day and look out for each other.

Buyers go to another car park and pay to enter the sellin field.

Well, there must have been a couple of hundred cars all with the same sort of junk (sorry not junk!) but vintage/new items for sale:)

We arrived about 7am and stayed until 12.30. Got sunburnt but managed to clear quite a lot of items from my late mother in law's estate. Nest of tables, a shopping trolley which took up a lot of space in the car and garage, ironing board, cassette player to name a few! Loads of linen which I had washed and pressed so that paid off!

Finally counted our gains and went home to a well deserved shandy to spend the rest of Sunday afternoon, feet up reading the Sunday Times. Great:)


LadyK said...

The Boot sale sounds like a lot of fun! Sounds like you had a terrific weekend all the way around. :)

Krazy Kate Designs said...

The boot sale sounds like an exciting place to be! Enjoyed your blog!

Nora said...

I wish we had boot sales here, we have flea markets and garage sales. Sounds like fun!

~Stella said...

Sounds like fun! We don't have anything like that in the US and we need it!


p.s. my college roomate used to love Pimms...I have not heard that mentioned for ages!

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