Sunday, 8 March 2009

Reason for being quiet…

Yes, I know I haven’t actually been posting lately but I do have a good excuse!  Actually one of our boys has started an amazing adventure.  He has driven from UK to the Costa Del Sol in Spain to do a dive master’s course.  He has his own blog about how he began this journey after leaving Continental Airways after 14 years!  Just follow this link where at the moment he is writing about his adventure but he hopes to add pictures as soon as he has his internet working.

The blog might be of special interest to those of you who are interested in diving the Padi way.  Certainly, if you are not interested in diving I am sure you will find the blog amusing and informative.

So, you see I have been experiencing very mixed emotions of excitement, apprehension and a mother’s worry! Now that we have actually spoken during his journey through the marvels of Skype and by following the blog and, of course, his wife, minds are more restful and can again concentrate on a sort of normality!!!


Elizabeth Johnson said...

Normalcy...? Does that ever happen after one gives birth? Mine are 23 and 26 and I haven't seen a normal day yet.

Alis said...

It is in your job description as a mother to always worry about offspring.

According to my mum - who is very old - it never stops ;0)

Well she is old!!

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