Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A March ACEO swap!

A super team on Etsy.com that I belong to is called Boomers and Beyond or BBEST for short.  You may have heard of us or, certainly, read about the group in this blog.  Do check out the group blog link above to find out more about them. 

Each month we have an event and for the month of March members were asked to join in and create an ACEO (an item measuring 2.5” x 3.5”) in any medium they wished but the theme was to be Spring.  Quite a few of us signed up and as the ACEOs were created they were posted on this site for all to admire.  The fun of this swap is that you are given the name and address to whom you are to send your ACEO but you have no idea whose ACEO you will receive in return.  Of course, I did try to suggest that all ACEOs could easily be sent to me!  Somehow I think that request fell on deaf ears, can’t think why?  Anyway, as many as possible are always encouraged to join in the fun as it is such a brilliant way of communicating with each other and learning more about other artisans in the group.

Several members had never created anything so small or in this format but it just goes to show that if you decide to step outside of the box you will surprise and surpass yourself!

In my capacity of PQ I wracked my brains for quite a while before I came up with my Spring ACEO.  I had some old buttons BBEST March ACEO swap anotherwhich I wanted to feature.  Then came the idea of using the buttons as flowers with an embroidered sun.  I even found a butterfly!   See what you think? 

OK, you will want to see what I received?

Today the postman stopped by with a package from Milton Keynes.  That would have to mean something from Makeyourpresentsfelt!  If you remember from the Flickr gallery pictures you might have spotted the chicken already.  I had already mentioned/suggested that it come to me….. well, it did!chicken

It is so cute!  But, not only was I lucky enough to have won this ACEO but Chrissie also treated me to another using her felted expertise to create an ACEO entitled spring seedling Spring Seedlings.

As if that wasn’t enough look at the pretty envelope that held them safe from the outer wrapping.

both ACEOs and packaging

I would love to tell you who is due to receive mine but it would spoil the surprise.  I do hope they like it!!!!!





ZudaGay said...

Lucky, lucky you!!!! They are adorable!!!

BOWquet said...

those are great!

Sixsisters said...

You have all the luck Pat ! I am sure you will love them for a long time.

Chrissie said...

So glad you like them Pat! And thanks so much for giving them a mention in your blog.

Dena said...

Wonderful ACEO's . I am sure you are happy with them!!

Anonymous said...

You received some beauties...love them all.

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