Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas lights

One of the things we love to do just before Christmas is to take a walk in our neighbourhood to 'inspect' all the Christmas lights that folk have put up on their houses, in the garden etc. We did notice that this year, possibly due to families with small children moving on or a change in circumstances, was that there appeared to be less lights around. A shame really as it always evokes some of the magical feeling of Christmas, doesn't it?

We have always been pretty conservative with our decorations, even when the kids were young. 3 Peppard at Christmas Dec 08Here is a picture I took the other evening from across the street of our abode. The light on the side of the house is actually a street light and not part of the decorations!

The window to the left is my workroom.

We have a couple of small windows at the side of the house and always place a flickering light in them to make it more cosy looking.

I think you can just make out the Christmas tree in our front room which we placed in the bay of the window.

In case I don't have a chance again, I just want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Don't forget it will be a time to make that ultimate sacrifice of helping to eating all the food, including the chocolates! You know your assistance will be rewarded, somehow, somewhere!!!!!!


Guzzisue said...

looking across the valley from our window last night we notice far fewer christmas lights than usual. as you say, people are tightening their belts. However blue seems to be the dominant colour this year.

Beth said...

Looks great! We all got sick and just put our tree up last night. We don't even have our outside lights up.

Love the snow falling in your pic. Fun effect!

Diane ~ said...

So nice seeing your lights! We light the Christmas tree & added tiny lights to our back porch. The hubby isn't inclined to do lights around the house & windows, but he does put lights outside on a few of our evergreen trees. Oh love the falling snow!!Merry Christmas!

Meekiyu said...

I think it's rather pretty and cozy... I don't see much in the building across the street unless you count the dudes 100 inch flat screen TV that blares into my bedroom at night =_=...

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