Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The last of my ramblings in Spain!

Yes, I promise this is the last post which will refer to our visit to Mijas on the Costa del Sol, Spain.  I just feel that we saw so many interesting things that I love to share!

Walking around this wonderful town with its white washed houses we came across some fountains which on a hot scorching summer's day would provide cool relief. another fountain view

As luck would have it, the fountains diminished just as I clicked the camera! pretty fountain in Mijas However, I had better luck this time!

Nearby we discovered the town's bull ring which proved to be the oldest in Spain.  Originally bull rings were built in an oval and this one is supposed to replicate this.  It was opened in 1900 and is still used for bull fights and horse events. I did not bother going to the bull fight which took place during our stay!

YouSpain's oldest bullring could go into the ring on a fighting day to see the museum but I decided not to, perhaps silly, but I do not feel comfortable with the whole bull fighting scenario.  At least we were told they did not go for the kill here as the ring was too small.  Still, I am sure you will forgive me for not divulging too much about this 'sport' which is really not my cup of tea.

another quiet street mijas Whilst strolling around I did manage to take some pictures of the typical white washed houses.  This was harder than envisaged because I was desperately trying to make sure there were no cars around!

looking up an old traffic free street mijasEspecially, on a lazy Sunday afternoon you might see some of the older inhabitants taking a stroll dressed in their Sunday best as they stop to catch up on their local news.  autumn colours in mijasSiesta time really does kick in every day around 2pm until between 4 and 5 pm.  After lunch everyone is home resting, especially during the hot summers when it really is too hot to venture out.  However, note the autumnal colours which I caught as I walked down this main thoroughfare.  I love the quaint street lights which give a wonderfully rustic setting!

Before I leave this, to me, fascinating subject of travels in Spain I would love to share some pictures of a marina near Torremolinos which is a large town on the Andalucian coast.  Here the normal tourists mingle together with others... how the other half live!  good view of marina  Some of the boats we saw were just amazing.  marinaImagine living in one of the flats (sorry, apartments!) overlooking this marina.  There were many deep sea fishing boats waiting to be hired.  Many boats simply tied up at the end of the season or waiting for their owners to return at the weekend to play!

Whilst we were walking around the inevitable tourist shops selling all the usual junk we noticed some people throwing odd bits of bread into the water.  There were even some marina 2enterprising kiosks selling stale bread for feeding the fish!  So, I did have to go and have a look to see what fish were being fed, didn't I?

fish swimming

Goodness knows what type of fish they were?  The only thing about them I did notice was that they were prolific!  Whenever someone threw in some bread they appeared as if by magic from everywhere to descend on that one spot to fight over a piece of stale bread!  An amazing sight.

lovely flowers in garden

And so my friends, I will now leave you with one last picture of a beautiful flower which I spotted in the public gardens of Mijas.  They were so pretty that I just couldn't resist taking a picture of them.  I am not sure of the name although they look similar to Periwinkles.

I hope you have enjoyed coming with me to revisit our trip during which we had a wonderfully relaxing time as well as seeing some fascinating sights and meeting a very friendly crowd of local people to Mijas Pueblo.


Sixsisters said...

Pat loved the blogs about your trip to Spain. The photos are wonderful. I don't care for the bull fighting
either. Too cruel. Thanks .

AltheaP said...

How very beautiful . . . one day let's meet there!

P.S. Am I the only one who sees snow falling on your pictures? What's that about?

Brett Ward said...

I'm jealous. LOL Glad you had a great time!

Angie said...

Oh wow. This is so different from the snowy landscape I'm currently in.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm sooo jealous!

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