Monday, 20 April 2009

As promised…… our new kitchen!

TADA!!!! Yes, at last I am in the throws of the last cleaning up operation and can now reveal our kitchen.  Some of the operations were painful, but hey!  No pain - no gain, as they say.

Here is a picture to show you how it originally looked.  This we inherited when we bought our house about 4 years ago.  All the houses around here that were built by the same builder and at the same time all had a job lot of kitchens installed.


The built in oven was right next to the door into the kitchen.  If ever the door had to be lowered to place dishes in it you either had to hold the kitchen door shut with your foot and balance or have the door wide open so that everyone could see what was happening.  Great planning!

You can see the gas hob in the centre of the picture.  All a wee bit cluttered!


In the next picture you can see from the kitchen into the utility area which houses the washing machine and tumble drier.  See the bare light bulb?  Oh, those are not real onions hanging on the wall!


Now we are starting to remove the appliances such as the washing machine.  In this picture you can see the new boiler we had fitted which makes for a more efficient means of heating the water and the central heating system.


That gaping hole is where the oven used to be housed!  It amazing to see how things look once they start to be dismantled.




As items were delivered they were stored in the garage.  It did get quite cosy at one point!


Now things were starting to take shape.  The tiles had been ripped off the wall leaving huge gaping holes in the plaster.  P1020739As promised our man installed my new cooker and some cabinets.  Although there were not tops on yet, the cooker was totally useable.   The promise was that in two days I would have a ‘working’ kitchen and that is exactly what happened!



See, even the utility room was shaping up!





The cooker hood and further cabinets were installed!


And now, the floor has been tiled.  We decided to go with advise about using some of the floor tiles as a feature behind the range.  This made it easier to hide the huge gaping hole in the plastering!


Our utility room with cabinets and one of On a Whimsey’s paintings on the wall!




Another view taken from our kitchen door into the kitchen looking towards the garden window.

Over the windows we have placed bright red blinds which offsets the black, brown and chrome.

It might not look like much trouble, but believe me it is a luxury to now have the house/kitchen back for ourselves!  The guys who worked on it were brilliant apart from the plasterer but we move on swiftly.

So, I guess I have no excuse to delay making those chocolate brownies!!!  Brownies anyone???


Chauncey said...

Beautiful PQ. Just beautiful. I think we should all come over for some of those brownies.

Pam said...

Your newly redone kitchen is wonderful, Pat! Lucky girl!

maryeb said...

Oh it looks gorgeous. The perfect excuse to make some brownies.

ZudaGay said...

It looks wonderful, Pat!!! I'm sure you will have great fun cooking up yummy meals and goodies.

joon said...

Congrats, Pat! You will have such lovely days here.

Sixsisters said...

Pat it is wonderful !!! I bet you just love it too.

Judy Nolan said...

The new kitchen looks so much more spacious! Very nice, updated look.

Yankeegirl said...

Pat, the new kitchen is gorgeous!! Perfect for all of the yummy meals you are always making us drool over.


Jill said...

Very Nice!!! And I'd love some brownies

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