Friday, 17 April 2009


Precious Quilts’ shop has been rather neglected for some time and I decided to remedy that today. You know how you search in your mind to find something that will be a little different or special that you think might sell? Well, of all the places I should be, it did as I was in the shower this morning.

Actually, a good friend of mine pushed me into this area… no, not the shower!!

She runs a group where all we do is swapping. Mostly fibre arts or mixed media quilties and the like. However, this month some of us opted for a change and voted on making a brooch. So, I said to myself, OK clever clogs! Now what are you going to make? I just didn’t have a clue until I went browsing on the internet, looked at the stash I have garnered over time like fabrics, lace etc. Then it came to me; in the shower! Boutonnières!

These could be created using different types of lace I have stashed away. Much of the lace I inherited from my late mother who was also a hoarder. She used to cut off any lace from blouses, underwear etc before throwing them away. And so, she managed to collect a wide variety into her collection. I didn’t really appreciate the lace until recently. It’s not until you compare some of the modern machined lace to the antique lace that you realise the world of difference between the two. Nothing wrong with modern lace but antique or vintage lace does have that ‘something’ about it.

I digress. I thought about the style I would use to make best use of the designs. Simplicity seemed the order of the day.

Here is a taster of what I have created for the swap group. antique lace brooch

Two different antique lace designs were used with a vintage ecru button for the centre. A pin bar was sewn on the reverse.

Now there was no going back! I made another couple which I have listed in my Etsy shop, Precious Quilts.

Pricing was my next nightmare! Again, I researched the internet (what did we do before computers?) and came across all sorts of products. Some boutonnières were beautiful, some very pricey, some? Well, let’s just say, were not to my taste!

Anyway, back to my boutonnières. image I have now listed them on and priced them, after chatting to my buddies, on a basis that I think might be fair. After all, they are all handmade, hand sewn.

Here is a boutonnières (don’t you love that word, I do!) that I created with antique lace loops which were sewn together with a mother of pearl look alike button on top. On the reverse I placed a bar pin to make it easier to pin to a lapel, sweater or the like.image

The second one used ‘modern’ lace, is off white and gathered behind a vintage metal button. Again I placed a pin bar on the reverse.

Now to sit back and see what happens. Whatever the outcome, I have enjoyed making them. That to me is the most important aspect.

What do you think?



kim* said...

they certainly are precious

Night Sky said...

I love these, and I'm really proud that you know how to spell that "B" word. I don't know how, and am not going to fake it. ;-) Love your blog!

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