Monday, 23 February 2009

Is Spring starting to spring?

The south of UK was bathed in delightful sunshine with a slight breeze during Saturday.  You could not sit indoors for long after all the cold we have had recently.  It was gorgeous!

My husband and I decided to visit our favourite park to see if any real green shoots had emerged after the snow and ice we saw there on our last visit.  Sure enough!  The birds were singing, flitting here and there gathering food and just generally being full of the joys of a sunny day.  Whilst we took a reLooking across the lakest on one of the many benches provided,  which can just be seen here, it was wonderful to be able to admire the view.  So peaceful with the afternoon sun casting its warm glow across the tops of the trees.Trees by the lake

As I said the bird song was amazing and so cheerful!  Suddenly, I glanced down to my feet as I spotted some movement.  Looking down I found I had a new friend!  Mr Robin!!

I could not believe how tame he was.  He was actually picking up crumbs at my feet.  We  both sat very still and only just moved enough for me to take these pictures!
robin close up

Here he looked up to see what I was up to with my camera upon which, once he was satisfied that I would not stop him foraging, he then turned his back to me! robin turned his back on me!

I was so excited to be able to have this wild bird moving so freely and closely to me.  Obviously, the birds in this park are well used to people drifting in and out without minding too much.

Whilst we walked around we saw loads of clumps of snowdrops which is a sure sign that Spring is on its way!!!


Before we left we really wanted to stroll along the edges of some of the lakes which had been frozen over a few weeks ago.A quiet view across  top lake

What a difference a little sunshine makes!

Spring has sprung.


yankeegirl said...

Come on Spring!!! Love your little robin friend! Great pictures.

Glitzer said...

I love the pictures! Mr Robin is cute!

Kim and Joe Armstrong said...

Oh to see Spring in another land. THANKS FOR THE BEAUTY!

maryeb said...

Gorgeous photos. It's lovely to see spring in your part of the world.

I didn't know Fat Tuesday was Pancake Day!! I had some frozen waffles, not quite the same thing.

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