Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Another interest?

Sometimes the muse just doesn't want to visit! So, if IT won't come to me, then I will have to go to it!

Looking around me and whilst chatting to some of my friends I came across the phrase 'wire wrapping'. Interesting, I thought! What is that all about?

Literally, wrapping wire around itself but a lot more subtle than that. In fact it is a form of costume jewellery which can be very plain and simple to very intricate work. It is in fact a very extensive subject. I have seen the most extraordinary pieces created out of copper, silver or gold.

Well, after all that I had to have a bash, didn't I? I have been practicing wrapping wire and have definitely decided it is not easy! Never thought it would be but you have to try.

Here I have a couple of examples of using wire with beads.

image A group I belong to are holding a swap with a twist this month. Basically, you create something in any craft which has a value of approximately $15 and below. Once completed you upload your picture to so that everyone in the group can see. The twist comes at the end of the month when numbers are drawn to choose your swap partner. So you do not actually know who your swap partner is whilst you are creating. Saves many headaches of trying to figure out what your swap partner would like!


With the holiday season nearly upon us, well, nearly I saw a pattern to make this cute little spider! Again, using wire and beads to bend and twist into a familiar shape Incey Wincey spider was born.

Two fun little projects to lighten the mood whilst I carry on trying to hone my wire wrapping skills. One day I will get there. In the meantime, my workspace is littered with lots of little pieces of wire which have been discarded in favour of a better piece of wire wrapping!


Myfanwy said...

It's a fun technique. Love the butterfly, and incey wincey!

Sixsisters said...

I love them both Pat . I think you may have found a
new medium to take you onto other things. That is
always a fun thing.

AltheaP said...

Oh, cool spider Pat!

maryeb said...

Wow, when I saw these pieces I thought you'd been doing wire work for a while.

I guess I'd better try and hunt down that muse for myself!

kim* said...

lovin butterfly

Alis said...

Great pieces Pat. You just had to do a butterfly and the spider is lovely. I love spiders ;0)

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