Friday, 26 September 2008

No pain, no gain!

Well, that is what they say! We are in the process of having our shower room/ensuite upgraded. In truth it has been totally gutted and we are starting again!

We had the fun of first of all deciding that we actually wanted to upgrade the room. There is something about inheriting bathing facilities from previous tenants, you know what I mean? Well, once the decision was made the fun and games then began!

First of all to find the guys to do the work in the first place. Luckily, where we live we have a great community and a lively internet forum on which we have a section called 'Trusted Traders'. Works a treat! Whenever anyone has any work done for them and they are happy they place a post to that effect on this site. It also works to warn others of dodgy workmen!

So, we decided on the guys to do the work for us. They are a couple of guys who work together. Their system is such that they tell you what you need, order it and then you pay! You enjoy the discount they receive but are in control of expenditure. At the end of the job you pay them the agreed monies to cover their labour costs.

Day one arrived and the important issues were discussed like what would they like to drink? I don't believe in making countless cups of tea/coffee. Instead I ask what they prefer and lay out a tray so that they can then make their own. Usually works out one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. Interestingly enough have you noticed how much sugar workmen consume? Especially the tall and lanky ones?

Now the real work begins. That of ripping apart the room ready to start sorting the electrics, the piping for the various items and making sure everything that is needed is either delivered or on order. P1020235

Where has my shower gone? P1020236 Some of the tools here and the radiator will be replaced by an all singing/dancing one! You know the chrome towel rail, very fancy!!!

As we go on I shall bring you up to date with progress. Can't wait!!


MirthQuake said...

Oooooo I love these type of posts, do keep us updated. We did some home inprovement too(actually been working on that for 6 months now):

Dayna said...

You should always do something nice for yourself and this comes under that category. It will be so nice when it's finished. Keep us updated!

Brett Ward said...

Good luck my friend! I would leave dear husband there to deal with it more often!!!

AltheaP said...

How lovely for you to have such a nice treat in store . . . one day . . . hope you're not ripe yet!

maryeb said...

A lot of work, but it looks like you've got a good team working on it. I'm looking forward to seeing the result.
We so need to do the same to our bathroom.

Art By MAR said...

How exciting! We need to update all of our bathrooms too, well someday. It it great you found good workers that is half the battle.

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