Monday, 29 September 2008

How are we getting on?

As nice as our builders are, oooooooooooooooooooh it was soooooooooooooooooooo good to have the house to ourselves again over the weekend!  Not that they turn up too early but you know how it is?  You want to be up and running, have everything tidied up so they can mess it up; get the coffee tray ready for them and make sure there is enough sugar!  Have you noticed?  Whenever builders work in your home they always seem to scoff the sugar!  If I consumed that amount I would be a blown up bunny.  Well, maybe they are a little more active than me.... just maybe!

The rest of the tiling was delivered today so our garage is FULL!  Just enough room to park the car.  Oh yes, there is still a skip on the drive to hold all the rubbish.  My one fear is that we get up one morning to find that 'kind' neighbours have filled it up with their rubbish.  To date, that has not happened!!

lights Anyway, now they have fitted the down lighters - how posh!  One of them is in the shower area and has a combined fan mechanism.  This is being fine tuned at the moment to stay on for a minute after the light is switched off.  All very technical and very smart!!
Here you can see where the old radiator used to be!  Tomorrow is another day when apparentlyradiator placing they will start to fit the chrome heated towel rail  which is 'resting' on the shower tray at the moment! the radiator 

As soon as the radiator has been fitted the wall tiles will be done.  The floor tiles will be done last to prevent them getting unduly messed up. 

Every day, the builders clear everything up and vacuum - I did ask if they could do the whole house but that remark was simply met with a blank stare!  Well, I tried.


Rose said...

Wow, a heated towel rod.. now that is definitely posh!! wonderful:)

kim* said...

wow tons of work to do. this seems super posh :)

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