Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Etsy has had more exposure in the wide world

Any exposure is good. 

Whilst following a thread on the forum I came across a mention about an article from none other than CNN!

In this article CNN have tried to explain the ethos of the Etsy site and how it works in today's world of the Internet.  Once, the only way to buy and sell goods was in the shop environment or marketplace.  Trying to find exactly what you wanted would use up a lot of rubber soles, sore feet and tired backs from trekking up and down the streets looking for that special item.  Since the advancement of the Internet, popularity of computers and the build up of technical knowledge many more people have the chance of buying and selling, not just locally, but in the worldwide marketplace.  This is how the site called Etsy comes in!  Here you find a truly global community that thrives on exchanging ideas and inspiration.

Hopefully, with this extra exposure many more folk will turn away from the mass produced to the quality handmade goods and art that is synonymous with Etsy!


Myfanwy said...

We can always hope that it will do everyone some good! Good article

kim* said...

yes very cool

maryeb said...

Thanks for the info.
Here's hoping!!

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