Friday, 5 September 2008

Another new venture for me!

You may have heard of me mentioning On a Whimsey, my other Etsy store? You know the one where I journey through the land of encaustics.

Well, after much thought and mulling over I decided to take the plunge! Yes!!!! On a Whimsey now has a website all of its own! Here you can learn more about the fascinating world of encaustic art as well as buy direct from me or go to my Etsy shop to have a browse there.

Not forgetting my Precious Quilts shop a friend of mine from Van Fleet Street Design created a wonderful video on YouTube to represent both my shops. Do have a look at it if you have a couple of minutes to spare. Make sure your audio button is on because there is music too. I felt so honoured to have this done for me but also, the magical mix of music, words and pictures had me rolling over laughing! Thank you Brett, you made my day!!!!


Crysto said...

Thanks for the comment and the suggestion, I've already decided that I'm going to make these again with little additions, like nuts/marshmallows and different frostings.

Great website, and fantastic paintings!

di said...

Hi Pat! I would love to learn more about encaustic art...your work is so beautiful! It is fun to learnabout new artforms, the down side is that i'm exposed to new mediums and then want to work with them and i already have too many hobbies/interests!!! lol

Alis said...

Pat you have made a great website, well done, so informative a great to see your lovely works of art.

The video is just fabulous.
My favourite show song of the moment and so very fitting for a fearless mama like you.

AltheaP said...

Finally got to watch Brett's tribute video, and it is much funnier with the sound on! I dearly love that movie and thank you for working as our mother hen.

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