Friday, 12 September 2008

My other new interest continuation

As some of you will remember I have been having trouble with my muse who keeps going on holiday!  Then out of the blue she came back to me and made me try my new interest called wire wrapping.

I really wanted to make some more quilts but since my shop of Precious Quilts does advertise quilt, blankets and so much more... I thought I would try to develop this new skill.  Well a girl has to try, doesn't she?

Wire wrapping is not an easy skill to acquire but I will persevere and see where it takes me.  As you will have seen, below, I have incorporated some beading with it to make my butterfly and spider.  Now I am trying my hand at making my first necklace with glass beads.  Easy peasy, oh really!  Well................ Don't look too closely will you?  I still have a long, long way to go.

Necklace draped over antique  Necklace draped over antique close up

Note I haven't given you a good close up..... I wonder why?  LOL

Anyway, I will keep you updated as I create more.  At least I now have the proper tools.  My dear husband, an ex aircraft engineer, had all the pliers etc and offered them to me.  Bless, somehow tools for mending aircraft didn't sit too well with winding wire around beads!  When I showed him my new tools he did realise and admitted his pliers were a little on the large and clumsy side for this sort of work.  Still, it did help me get started and loved the support he offered me.


Dayna said...

It is great when husband's not only show an interest but actually encourage us in our endeavors.Looks good from what I can see. If you enjoy then keep it up.

ZudaGay said...

Danny comes and borrows my wire working pliers once in a while. But he gave me a great pair of side cutters. It is great when hubbies help out a bit. Your necklace is lovely!!!

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