Saturday, 25 October 2008

Couldn't resist it!

I know I have already been for many walks and posted pictures of scenes I encountered but we went back to Sheffield Park yesterday afternoon and couldn't resist taking more pictures. This Park is famous in our area for beautiful scenery, especially at this time of year. And so, really, I should not have been so surprised when we had to join a lengthy queue at the main entrance. Standing patiently in line, one of the volunteer organisers asked for those with National Trust membership to step forward. We did only to find an astonishing number of people who were handing over not insignificant amounts of cash for the privilege of visiting the gardens for a couple of hours that remained of the cool daylight.

As we walked in we did find some beautiful views even though I thought the colours must have peaked a couple of days ago. Also, the sun was not shining so much so that the bright colours were not highlighted as much.

These are some of the photos I took on our walk.

I love the contrast of the deep green against the reds and orange flame coloured foliage.

coloured trees various pretty contrast

Just look at the contrast of the 'red' carpet with the yellowing leaves still on the tree.

colourful carpet dead cropped tree colourful

Here an old oak tree has been chopped down leaving some of the old trunk for ivy to grow on but it gives an interesting shape/accent with the surrounding trees.

In this shot of the trees across the lake you can still evidence of the lily pads which will later be replaced by slips of ice as the depths of winter approach.lake view, lilly pads and trees

grassy slope nice contrast with water I love this last picture of the lake which shows so many different types of trees. The conifer that is stooping down the water's edge is beautiful. This picture is on my laptop as a screen save!swans

These guys would not look up at me! No matter what noise I made or where I stood, they were far too busy to take any notice of any nosey passerby, no matter what! After a while I did decide to move on since swans can be a little aggressive!

We really enjoyed our walk even though the park was very full of people who were all out to enjoy the last vestiges of autumn. At least I managed to be patient and take the photos after people had moved on!


Dena said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! I LOVE autumn.

kim* said...

wo-----w ooooh whoa
honstely is this what heaven looks like? i mean just a tad bit?

Chauncey said...

Oh I just love the colors of autumn.

Gunnels blog said...

Such a beautiful pictures! The nature is fantastic!

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