Saturday, 11 October 2008

Week #2 - Update on Di's 30/30 challenge!

As I come to the end of Week #2 of Di's 30/30 challenge I can report that I have done some WII sessions! You would think by using a machine you could sneak a session here and there. Let me tell you! I had not used it for a little while. Do you know the comment I got from it once it had fired up and I stood on the WII board? "Nice of you to join us!" Cheek!!!!

Anyway, I completed the steps program and have now graduated to the next 'step', excuse the pun! This one is far more exciting, not only stepping up and down but sideways and twisting on the board.

A new painting was created in my aka ego of On a Whimsey. This one is entitled, Red Flower, and uses a new technique that I am rather pleased about.

So, that just leaves me this week with still my head to scratch to find an idea/inspiration for my contest picture, which one to enter.

Here's to another productive week!


LazyTcrochet said...

I'm asking for a Wii Fit for Christmas. The link to the 30/30 thing didn't work though. I'm curious as to what that is about. Good luck!

Precious Quilts said...

Hi Lazytcrochet! Thanks for letting me know about the link not working.... it does now!!
You will love the Wii fit!!

Meka said...

The wii is great. I don't own one myself, but everytime I've played with friends it has become addictive. I hope to get one soon. Kudos on the fitness!

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