Friday, 3 October 2008

Di's 30/30 challenge!

As I sit here with my head in my hands I stare at the screen wondering at what I have done! Sounds dramatic doesn't it?

Di, from invited people to join her in a challenge that whoever joined in would want to commit themselves to making a positive change in their lives. At this time of year many of us tend to procrastinate and need that kick up the whatsit to get going again. If you read Di's page you will be able to find out who is in the challenge and what their individual challenges are.

Mine? Oh yes, I suppose you want to know! Well, I thought long and hard about it and finally came up with three, yes, three!

  1. Exercise on my new WII.
    I love this machine! I am not into games or anything but find the Fitness program really good. Yoga, Aerobics, Running and muscle building floor exercises start you off. I really like doing the aerobics because it reminds me of the game the kids used to play. You know, Simon Says? Well, here you use the step to copy the images on the screen as they do a step classes. You can either watch the image people doing it or follow the purple feet pattern at the side! Great fun when I first started, getting into a right muddle!!! Tripping off the step because I stepped to the left but everyone else stepped to the right! Talk about 3 left feet.
  2. I wanted to get into the habit of creating and listing something at least once a week. Well in my On a Whimsey guise I produced this ACEO entitled Fairies Darting. Fairy on dark brown background Since we are having workmen in I am finding the house really cold what with windows and doors being left open. So I decided I needed something to keep me warm and what better than an old hairdryer! For this ACEO I used the hairdryer and stylus. The finished effect made me think of fairies darting around very busily catching rides on leaves and twigs.

  3. I belong to an organisation called which is for all manner of artists. At the moment they are having a drive to gain more members and to do that a competition run by Art Calendar. Great prizes are on offer but more than that I thought it would be a good opportunity for more exposure to the wider world! So, I have painted an encaustic but haven't yet decided if I am to enter it or not. Actually, if truth be known I have submitted it to a group on Etsy called the BEE Team (beeswaxteam) for their monthly challenge. October's challenge is called 'Awakening' and so I thought this might suit. Close up the awakening

Imagine the atmosphere awakening and the turmoil of the gasses in the sky, the colours that would be produced.

And so, we draw near the end of the first week of Di's challenge. I will be very pleased if I can keep up this momentum!

Each week I shall give you an update for both good and bad days so that you can follow my progress. Psst.... it makes me do it too! Can't lose face, can I?


Myfanwy said...

Good for you, Pat. Keep it up.

Libertybelle said...

Well done with the exercise- keep telling yourself it's good for you!

Beth said...

Pat, this is wonderful......keep up the good work.

ZudaGay said...

You are so brave to pick three, Pat!!! I had others but I get overwhelmed very easily!! You are off to a fabulous start!!!

di said...

great post Pat! I'm so impressed with all you've taken on and renovating at the same time! You are a brave soul! Have fun! Di

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