Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Tiling is nearly done!

I promised you an update on the shower room.  Today, the builders spent many hours cutting and sticking tiles to walls and floors in preparation for the next step - the grouting! where the sink goes

This is a view to the front of the house showing the window and piping below.  Here the wash basin and loo are to be fitted as soon as we receive the carcass which is on order!  We wanted everything off the floor for a cleaner, sleeker look.


On the opposite wall is THE radiator!  Remember the old one which you can see in a previous post?  This looks a little better, don't you think?  At the end you can see the shower cubicle minus its screen.  The shower itself just needs to be fitted.  Meanwhile, all the tools etc that were stored overnight in this room had to be placed elsewhere..... guess what!  Why not store it all in the spare room?  So, that's exactly what has happened.  You can even just make out the shower screen too!!



Once all this has been finished I will really need to blitz the whole house.  I cannot believe how all that fine dust from cutting the tiles etc has permeated everywhere.  Everything you touch has a sandy feel to it!

Oh well, no pain, no gain!!! 

Tomorrow the grouting should be completed and then we need to find out when the remainder of the equipment will be delivered.  Good job we have another bathroom!!!


Debbie Gootter said...

Awesome to see a transformation happen in your living space!

Brandon said...

Its nice to see projects that are getting done.

Meekiyu said...

o wow... so much work.. i'd be too lazy to do that... i'm curious on what the finished bathroom would look like now =D

Terri said...

You have been tagged! Check out my blog to see what that means!

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