Sunday, 19 October 2008

A walk down a country lane

With the weather allowing us the chance to explore the countryside we decided to take a walk in the near vicinity to our house along what is known as the Worth Way.

The Worth Way is a 7 mile route between Three Bridges and East Grinstead and is accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. For our purposes today we only walked from Worth, just up the road, to Old Rowfant and back although we have walked the full length to East Grinstead and back.


The railway line from Three Bridges to East Grinstead was opened on the 9th July 1855 and extended to Tunbridge Wells in 1866. The line was closed in the 1960s and transformed in the 1970s into Worth Way. It is along here that it is a joy to look at the trees and wild life which lie side by side with open farm land. Across a ploughed field

Further along I couldn't resist take this photograph of how the path wended its way ahead of us. Super view worthway In fact I have this photo as my screen save to remind me of soft warm autumn days.

Walking further on you come to the site of the old railway crossing, the old station building and an old crossing keeper's house remain as a reminder of the architecture once common along railways.

Rowfant station was originally built for a local landowner. This ornate building provided an alcove for his coachman to shelter from the elements. Rowfant station Now totally disused it still has character and you can easily imagine times long gone. The sun was starting to wain a little and the temperature was dropping so we decided to turn around and go back the way we had come.Rowfant board 2

It really is very nice to pass like minded people who are out walking with their dogs, the rest of the family, mothers and fathers taking their youngsters out for a breath of fresh air. At one point we had to stand to one side of the path to allow a horse and its rider to pass us. Horse walking off

Before we arrived home I leave you with one more image of the path along which we walked.

Along worth way


Sixsisters said...

What great photos Pat. I love to go along with you on your walks or visits to other places. Your right it does
go along with my new listing !

Oh Mandie! said...

oh how lovely! Stunning photographs!

If it wasn't freezing here today I might venture out for a walk ♥

kim* said...

remind sme of Pennsylvania. im from calif. but when i go visit we go on trails like this over there.

Andrea said...

What gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Myfanwy said...

Thankfully something good came out of the Beeching Axe! Lovely walk, Pat.

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